Want to know more about Desire Mapping?  Come to a preview session…

Sacred Sunrise Sessions – hour long previews

(Max of 12 Participants)


Wednesday 20th February 2019 – Napier


(Breakfast provided)
Chantel Organics Cafe, 45 Hastings Street, Napier
Session Theme: Limiting Beliefs and the Power of Trust

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($40 per person breakfast included)

What will we cover?  We will start with a connecting breath exercise and easy meditation/visualization.  Our theme this session is Creating Clarity.  We will explore what it feels like to be focused and mindful.  What does feeling really clear on what you want to pursue in your life mean as an outcome?  How would it feel to let go of guilt around what makes you happy.  Some group activities will follow, providing focus and clarity by using Desire Map exercises centered around feeling into your own personal power.  Remember – feelings are magnetic and clarity is power. This is a chance to connect with those that are like-minded and check out what’s possible in a Desire Map Workshop.  In short……….. an inspiring session to start your day in a way that feels fantastic! Check out below for dates of Desire Map Workshops.

Birdwoods Workshop

(Max of 10 Participants)

Saturday 19th January 2019 – Havelock North


Birdwoods Gallery, 298 Middle Road, Havelock North

The Desire Map Workshop Level 1
Discover your Core Desired Feelings

(A delicious lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided)

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($230 per person)

Deposit required. Bring a friend discount $400 for two people.

This workshop is for you if you struggle to keep all the balls in the air as you negotiate life’s tasks, to-do lists, expectations of others, work and family commitments.  You will come away having more clarity in your life, a feeling of being more in control of where you are heading and an overall recognition of connection back to yourself and to others.  You will have tools to navigate key decisions because your Core Desired Feelings will lead the way. You will be empowered and reminded to put yourself first – in a way that helps everyone around you.  Plus you will meet other like-minded souls on their way to self-discovery. A Workbook, The Desire Map book, pen and gorgeous gift bag is included.

A Place to be, Napier

(Max of 10 Participants)

Monday 25th February 2019 – Napier


A Place To Be, 81 Rotowhenua Road, Napier
The Desire Map Workshop, Level 1

Discover your Core Desired Feelings

(Please bring Lunch to share – Morning/Afternoon Tea provided)

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($230 per person)

Deposit required. Bring a friend discount to $380 for two people.

For those who wish to create more clarity and focus in their lives.  Our venue is perfect for taking time away from your busy life and really connecting back into what you REALLY want.  It’s your day for insight and co-creation.  You will go deep and discover your core desired feelings for your life through various techniques, workbook exercises and collaborative discussions.  We will complete the day with an inspired celebration of what you have unearthed and your core desired feelings.  A Workbook, The Desire Map book, Pen and gorgeous gift bag is included.

Meet Danielle La Porte

Watch the video and meet Danielle La Porte, creator of The Desire Map. I’ve become a licensed facilitator for this soul changing work and I’m honoured you are here looking into how you want to feel. You’ve taken the first step on a beautiful journey. Now take another and join up below to receive more information from me on The Desire Map. It would be my privilege to support you.

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